Gottschalk's Closing…Finally

It seems like the Carson City Gottschalk’s has been in its death throes forever. The possibility was floating around in March that the store might close, and it was confirmed in April. So that means for the last three months Gottschalk’s has been having its “going out of business” sale, and I was starting to wonder if it would ever, you know, go out of business.

But now the day has come. Tomorrow is the final day for Gottschalk’s, which is down to the barest little pile of merchandise left anyway. After that there’s going to be one more big giant hole in Carson City, and holes like that are hard to fill. This is also going to be a big hit against the Carson Mall, which for the past two years has been trying to reinvent itself and move forward. This is a big step backwards for the mall, and hopefully somebody moves in there soon.


  1. You know, I hate that Carson Street is going to have (yet another) gaping hole on it. But I have to say that Gottschalk’s won’t really be missed.
    I cannot tell you the number of times that I have shopped there and needed help while shopping there. Only to have an employee/associate tell me to “hold on a minute” while they completed a personal phone call or conversation with another employee. Or to be told with a chuckle “we don’t carry that”. All a customer wants is some assistance and they couldn’t even give that. AND their prices were usually way too high. So, good riddance!

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