Construction Updates

There’s been a bunch of construction happening all along my daily commute into town, so I think it’s time to roll up all the updates into one post here and check in on the progress.

First, the Bodine’s Casino, at the corner of 395 and Clear Creek. Work on the basement parking garage is finished, and now they’re laying the main casino floor on top of it. This work they’re doing here is what’s going to be at “ground level” of the new casino. Once they finish with the floor they should be able to start building upwards, and the casino itself will begin coming together.

Right next door to Bodine’s, the Carson City Fairgrounds is getting a complete makeover. This multi-million dollar project is kind of a side effect of the casino project, a promise the original developer made to improve the fairgrounds with a new rodeo arena and other facilities. And even though the original developer backed out of Bodine’s, the new developer kept the promise. Hence all the work that’s being done here to rebuild.

Ribiero’s new Carson-Tahoe Quail office/retail complex still only has one building underway, but the framing on that building is nearly complete. This is right next to Albertson’s, on the site of the old Oasis Trailer Park.

Of course the Casino Fandango always seems like it has hundred of new projects going on at any one time. Here, the new hotel tower is getting its fourth, and final, floor framed up. After this they’ll top it off with a roof, then start on the interior.

This Marriott Courtyard is supposed to open late this year.

Work on the facade and the interior of the movie theater is still continuing. We’re getting close to opening day; probably less than two months away now.

And steel is rising on the casino expansion and sky bridge at the southwest corner of the Fandango. This steel skeleton now dwarfs the parking garage, and even dwarfs the new hotel in sheer height. This building will house the escalators that will take you up and over Curry Street so you can easily get to the movie theater from the casino.

The expansion to the First Presbyterian Church has finally started construction. Last year the whole church was in danger of being demolished, but after negotiations with the city, only the back part was torn down last January to make way for a new sanctuary. The foundation for that new sanctuary has been poured, and the cinder block walls should start rising any day now.

And finally, for the update that isn’t, here’s a photo of the Ormsby House, sitting as forlorn as ever. I still see people on the site, and there are work lights inside, so I hold out hope that work is actually progressing on the interior of the building. But from the outside, there is literally nothing going on. I think there’s even an actual tumbleweed blowing by the building in this picture.

And on that down note, we’ll end this update. If you have any pictures of construction happening in other parts of town, don’t hesitate to send them in!

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