308 N Curry Construction

Construction is still continuing at 308 N. Curry. This project has been going on for 2 years now. An old bank building in the heart of downtown was demolished and rebuilt as office and residential space. January of 2016 saw the demolition, early 2017 saw the start of construction, and now in January 2018 they are still putting finishing touches on the building.

This really does seem like it’s going to be a fantastic addition to downtown, though. Three stories tall, with lots of interesting architectural details.

The building is set to be a mixture of retail space, office space, and residential units.

It fleshes out the fourth corner of Telegraph Square very nicely. The old blocky bank building was never a great fit for this neighborhood.

More residential units are being built in this second building behind the main one, facing Nevada Street.

This building is much more finished than the main building, though that’s not a surprise since it’s smaller and less elaborate.

A third building will offer on-site garages for the residential units.

The complex will connect to the existing parking lot at Curry and Proctor.

But it will also have its own parking.

It looks like they could be on track to finish this summer, just in time for Curry Street to be torn up for a repaving project. But the end result will be a much beautified downtown, to go along with the work that was already done on Carson Street.

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