V&T Train Ride

This morning, thanks to the Carson City Convention & Visitors Bureau, I was able to take an early-morning ride on the reconstructed V&T Railroad. We steamed out of Virginia City about 8:15, a little bit behind schedule, and arrived in Carson City just shy of 9:30. It was a great ride, and I have a whole story to put together and a bunch of photos and video to sort through. But for now, here are the pictures I Twittered from the train along the way.

Sammy onboard the V&T Railroad

Out of Tunnel #4, approaching Gold Hill

Gold Hill Depot

At American Flat

Coming up to Mound House

Happy Passengers onboard the train

Great Views in Mound House

Arrival in Carson City

#29 taking on water at Carson

Waiting for the signal to leave CC

More to come. Keep an eye on Flickr and right here.

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