Nevada Appeal Sesquicentennial Coverage

There’s an article today by Sue Ballew about Treadway Park, a ranch and picnic grounds that used to sit along Washington Street on the site of the old hospital. Back in the 1800s it was the popular hot spot where everyone would go on their day off. People from Reno and Virginia City would even take the train to Carson just to go to Treadway Park. Aaron Treadway, the proprietor, was a genial and well-liked host who was very popular around town. Treadway also planted many trees on his ten-acre property and a lot of them are still around on the old hospital property. There is still a small patch of grass at Minnesota and William that is called Treadway Park, a tiny remnant of the former ranch.

One of Treadway’s original trees still stands at the corner of Division and Washington, where it’s been designated the “Nevada Bicentennial Tree”. Although, as Guy Rocha points out, the tree isn’t 200 years old, but probably dates back to the days of Treadway.

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