Carson City Update

I was out of town for a couple of weeks, but now I’m back and it’s like I never left. Cold and snowy, just like I left it. We went to Southern California and got a taste of summer while we were down there. Then we came back to the same sputtering end of winter that we’ve been getting around here for months. I remember when Carson City used to be dry and hot for ten months out of the year, with a little snow in January. I guess those days are over.

I did come back to a couple of exciting developments, though. The Olive Garden looks like construction is finally finished. They’ve packed up all their equipment and job trailers, leaving nothing but a pristine-ly paved parking lot and a beautiful looking building behind. Hiring starts on June 8th, apparently, so I’d wager that we’ll see opening day by the end of the month.

There’s also some work going on a bit north of there, next to the O’Reilly Auto Parts. This lot has been empty for quite a few years. I remember a long time ago it was home to Tequila Dan’s restaurant. That building was razed so they could build something else, but plans fell through. Then Suzuki started selling cars on the dirt lot, but their plans for putting up an actual dealership building never came together. So this lot has been cursed for a while. But now ground has been broken on the site again, and the foundation is starting to come together for a new Discount Tire shop. Not the most exciting new business to come along, but any new business and new construction is good for the town.

Even though it’s snowing, the plants know that summer is nearly here. All the leaves have come in, and trees all over town are in their full summer foliage. And I’m sure before too long it’ll be 95 degrees and we’ll be wishing for a chilly day like today. So Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. I talked to one of the crew working on the Olive Garden construction. He said that the earliest opening day would be June 26th, but it probably won’t be until early July. There’s still a lot of work to be done inside the building.

    We were hoping it would be open by the 25th so we could have a post-wedding dinner with family there.

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