Americana is NOT "tacky"

I have been away due to health issues so don’t know outcome of courthouse meeting in Douglas this month, but I’d like to talk with you for a moment:

After reading through your articles and follow-up related to Jethro’s Casino, I’m amazed that anyone might consider a piece of Americana “tacky.”

To those who oppose this development anywhere: Please unbend thy proboscis dear hearts and listen carefully: This author originates from pretty stylish stock with a father who built a multi-million dollar business while raising five kids and contributing to his community through school and sports sponsorships as well as university scholarships through his alma mater.

Never once did my father lose site of his simple, hardworking beginnings nor did he excuse poor manners or ignorance from his Million-Dollar Club buddies. He was level-headed, big hearted, and he was gifted with an exceptional perspective on life.
Consequently, he invested wisely, made lots of money, yet never lost his love of our country and Americana, or us kids.

At dinner each night, our dinning room table WAS Americana-a real Rockwellian site-always with a neighbor kid or two and our friend, Harry, a Jewish boy who, in addition to Hannuka, came to our house to celebrate Christmas. Without fail, each holiday he gave every one of us a dreidle (ms);I had sixteen before we both left for college and made use of them in very creative fashion.

Regardless of your political or economic view, you can’t deny that America, from any perspective, is the best place to live. Yes, I’ve lived outside of the country too. There IS no place like home in American nor is there any better memory than Jethro and his Hillbilly Haven. You DON’T have to have seen the Beverly Hillbillies to appreciate Jethro’s concept. This proposal is an excellent example of Americana at it’s best and a place to visit to have good ‘ol American fun.

If you have not surmised by now, I support the building of Jethro’s and Max Baer. I’m just one of the many viewers from years ago who has the ability to not only look back upon great memories, but also look toward the future. Jethro’s is just a simple, all-American good idea.

Marshall Cooper

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