Fuji Park Veterans

Looks like I scooped the Nevada Appeal this time. About a month ago I wrote about the Fuji Park Cemetery, where two Civil War veterans were buried back when the land was still part of the Ormsby County Poor Farm. And I also did Then and Now #16 about the Poor Farm itself. Well, look at the front page of today’s Appeal, and what do you see? One article about the Fuji Park cemetery, and another little sidebar about the Poor Farm. It even uses the photo I did a Then and Now of. Coincidence?

Of course, they one-upped me with an interview with the guy, Ron Mason, that takes care of the graves and makes sure they stay groomed and looking nice. He’s the one responsible for the white rocks, the flowers, and the flagpole, all of which he added over the last 18 months. And, there is a plaque in the works to tell visitors who the two men are and why they’re buried there, which is one of the things I thought was conspicuous in its absence from the site. It’s good that we have people like Ron Mason around to take care of the little important things like this.


  1. When I was going to UNR, the rule of thumb was,

    “If it’s one source, it’s plagerism.
    If it’s two sources, it’s reseach.”

    Looking at how the articles and picture were structured, you have to be one of the sources. 🙂

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