Ormsby House Renovation Photos – February, 2005

Here’s how the Ormsby House looked at the beginning of February.

Here’s how the Ormsby House looked at the end of February.

See the difference? No? Don’t strain yourself, it’s not there.

Yes, February was another indoor month. Indoor months are easy for me, because I only need to put up a few pictures. But they’re not too exciting for you. So take heart that warmer temperatures seem to be on the way and we’ll probably see them finishing up those outside walls soon.

Speaking of the outside walls, it looks like they took some damage over the last month.

It looks like the white paneling that was attached to the walls has fallen down, maybe because of the cold weather.

Here’s a close up of some of the damage, where it looks like some of the panels have actually cracked and fallen apart. It shouldn’t take them too long to get this patched up once they go back to work on the outside.

The biggest news of the month actually didn’t happen onsite, it happened on the web. Sometime in February (or late January – I wasn’t paying attention) the Ormsby House launched their own official website, ormsbyhouse.com.

It’s not the prettiest thing, but it’s obviously not finished (much like the hotel itself). I fully expect to see them adding information and photos and refining the design as time goes by, until one day they’ll look around and realize they have a pretty good site. That’s how websites are built these days; they rarely spring fully formed into the world, they start out small and cheesy and progressively get better. That’s what’s going to happen here…at least it will if they’re smart.

What this also means is now I have some competition. Until now I’ve been the only Ormsby House site on the web. Now there are two. How long before they bump me out of the top spot of Google? Let the challenge begin!

Hopefully there will be more to see next month.

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  1. I was married into the Ormsby Family in 1987. And would like information for my 2 daughters, as far back as you can go

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