Downtown Minden Walk

The other day I took a walk through downtown Minden and snapped a few pictures. You can view all the pictures at this link, or just checkout the slideshow below.

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Minden I think has one of the nicest little downtowns around, partly because it’s one of the few downtowns that doesn’t have a major highway running right down the middle of it. So you can actually step out into the street and jaywalk without worrying about being run down. The downside is that it can be kind of dead most of the time, though. The town and county offices are both located downtown, along with a few private offices, so it’s not like there’s nobody downtown. But there are a few little lonely stores that seem like they wouldn’t get much business, and one of the two restaurants downtown went out of business last fall. People don’t come downtown for fun, they only come to work. Maybe all that will change with the coming of the C.O.D. Casino, which is still in the approval process. That project should pump a lot more people into the downtown area, but whether it will benefit any of the other businesses remains to be seen.

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