Fuji Park Pond Opens This Fall

A few days ago I wrote about the urban fishing pond they’re building at Fuji Park, and how it looks like most of the work was done and it looks like it would be ready to open this summer. Well, not so fast, it turns out. The pond actually will not be open to the public until the fall. This is because they don’t want people trampling the new plants until they’ve had the whole summer to grow and establish their roots. The banks are very fragile right now, and if hordes of people are unleashed the pond actually will turn into a mudhole. But if they’re able to get a good five months of growing in first, that will make the banks more stable and more able to manage the throngs of people they’re expecting at the new pond. Their plan is to stock it with trout right around Labor Day, giving plenty of fall fishing but nothing in the summer.

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