Bunny Ranch Threatened By Fire, Makes National News

I simultaneously love and hate how, in this MSNBC article on the Linehan fire, they drew special attention to that fact that the brothels in Mound House were notified they might have to evacuate. It’s even pointed out in the subtitle: “Governor declares emergency; fires near cities, brothel prompt evacuation”.

That’s all we are to the world: hookers and gambling. Kind of makes you stop caring what they think.


  1. You are Hookers! Are you an idiot????? You stand in a room naked and you wait to get picked to watch t.v. hahahahaha you forgot something your Boss and you were aired on The Tyra show. Sad but True You are Prostitutes. Oh and if you are going to hook and you can’t handle what People say, It’s you feeling guilty. It’s not about you, Money. It’s not the Men that are Pervert’s in this situation. Your Boss, lying to young girls and telling them that they are not doing anything wrong…..
    Admit it it is sooooooo wrong and so gross……. Im sorry I dont have the right to judge anyone. I know someone that use to be a striper and she didn’t care what anyone thought… but she had been raped by 4 Men and was badly beaten. She suffers Post Traumatic Stress and is an alcoholic, Pills so she can fall asleep. and thru the whole day. She’s suicidle. I just wish you all the best. God Loves all of us equally. and He wanted me to remind you. She is beautiful and smart.You will get old and gain some weight and shoot maybe only 10lbs. and you will be kicked out like your trash. That is when the “TRUTH WILL BE REVEALED!!!!””

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