Just felt one of those earthquakes everybody’s been talking about. It’s the first one of this swarm that I’ve actually felt. It wasn’t a big jolt, but enough to definitely let you know you were rocking and rolling. If I felt it that much in Carson City, it must have been quite a bit stronger in Reno. I’ll have to find out what strength this one was.

Update: It was a magnitude 3.2, according to USGS. Weird that it was followed by a 3.0 just a couple of minutes later, and I didn’t feel that one. Especially because I was still paranoid and waiting for another one.

Update: So I guess one thing about the USGS earthquake reports is that it takes them a few hours to dial them in. So while the website was only reporting a couple of magnitude 3 quakes last night, I wake up this morning to find a relatively beefy 4.7 squeezed in the middle there.

This is the biggest one yet out of this swarm. And the people in Reno sure felt it, a lot more than we did in Carson.


  1. Amazing! We felt it too. Still feeling a bit of the dizzy, after effects. But, nothing like what we’ve experienced living in Seattle for many years. I wondered why it was that our 3 cats and dog hovered so closely to the floor.

  2. Yikes! 4.7 is starting to get up there. It’s not a biggie, yet, at least for me, having come from SoCal a while back. However, it’s getting close.

    They keep taking about a very small chance of bigger quakes in the Verdi/Mogol area due to the swarm, but I’m wondering something else. I wonder if it’s adding to stresses elsewhere along the fault lines, more specifically the fault that runs through Douglas County in Genoa.

    So far, everything appears to be up in Northwest Reno. Personally, if it has to continue I hope it stays up there, although it would be nice for things to end for the people in Somerset and other areas.

    Hey, here’s a thought . . . if they get a big one in Northwest Reno, there might be some real good real estate deals in the area. The RE meltdown has been big in Somerset, with lots of REO’s from the investor mindset that ran things up. Throw in a good sized earthquake and there’ll be some fire-sale prices for people ready to make the move.

  3. We felt it real good here. I’ve been in Carson for the rest of the bigger ones and haven’t felt them, either. At home last night, though, it rocked us pretty good and the house swayed for abot 30 seconds afterwards. I can’t imagine what all those Somersett people felt.

  4. The friday night quake is the only one I’ve felt in Carson City and it was quite impressive!
    I can’t imagine the rock and rolling going on in Reno…I, also, can’t believe
    I picked my third city to live in with so much seismic activity…what was I

  5. Another 4.2 this morning up in Mogul. It the Energizer Bunny of seismic activity . . . it keeps goin’ and goin’ and goin’ . . . .

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