Jethro Keeping His Options Open

The long history of businesses leaving Carson City for Douglas County continues. First it was Home Depot and Target that skipped out on building in Carson and went to Douglas instead, then Wal*Mart moved across the county line, and after that a bunch of businesses followed to fill up the Carson Valley Plaza. And now, the latest business considering defecting to the south? Jethro’s.

Artists concept of the finished project.

That’s right, a little over a year after he said, “I can wait in perpetuity,” Max Baer, Jr, has announced that he is considering abandoning the old Wal*Mart building for his plans and is actively looking at other sites to build the Beverly Hillbillies Casino. The Nevada Appeal has the full story today. There are a few places in Carson City that he’s looking into, but it sounds like most of his interest has moved to Douglas County. One of the two sites he was willing to talk about is right across the street from the new Wal*Mart, on east Topsy Lane. That’s the same area where another big shopping center, Riverwood, is planned. The other spot Jethro mentioned is down in the Carson Valley itself, by the Sunridge golf course. There is a plot of land right there along Hwy 395, next to the Silver City RV Park, that is zoned for gaming. The owners of the land have been searching for years for someone to build a casino there. Maybe Jethro will finally be the one to answer their call?

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