Jethro's Sign Approved!

It’s an early Christmas in the Max Baer Jr household. After an entire year of wrangling and arguing and appealing, Max and the Douglas County Commission finally came to a compromise that everyone could agree on in regard to the sign for the Beverly Hillbillies Casino. The news so far has been a continuing series of denials by the county, as first Jethro came to them wanting a 200-foot sign, then started chopping it down in increments. Finally this week they hit on the magic number, 90 feet, with 600 square feet of signage. That was the magic spot for the commission to finally say yes and approve the damn thing.

Now it’s time to get building. Work on Riverwood has already been going on right next door, so let’s see Jethro finally put in some money to back up his mouth and get a few bulldozers on the site.

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