The Firkin and Fox

There’s been a lot of construction activity going on at the St. Charles Hotel lately. They’re working to build the Firkin and Fox Pub in the first floor restaurant/bar space. This is the new English pub that I first wrote about back in July. Construction on the restaurant is coming along nicely, but one of the side effects is that the spirit of renovation is spreading to the outside of the building, and the old hotel is being spruced up a little bit too. Mostly through the use of new signs, but it’s a little change that make a big difference. Let’s look.

2007-11-17 009
The interior of the bar. They’re leaving the old brick walls untouched, and putting in a nice dark wood to complement it.

2007-11-17 011
The dining room. The booths here have the same dark wood as the bar.

2007-11-17 018
This new Firkin and Fox sign takes the spot where the old St. Charles sign used to be. But on the right, you can see that they’ve also put up a corner sign, facing out at 45 degrees. This is good, because it’s the perfect angle to see it from Carson Street. And, it advertises both the hotel and the restaurant.

2007-11-17 024

2007-11-17 019
I really like this new sign, advertising the hotel itself. It looks so authentically old that I had to go back in my archives to make sure it wasn’t there before.

2007-11-17 007 2007-11-17 003 2007-11-17 006 2007-11-17 010
A smattering of other new signs from around the building.


  1. Well, we just tried out the newest restaurant/bar in carson. It was their second day open to be fair, but a chain like this should have provided better training. The service was the biggest stumbling block for this place. Every time we ordered a round of drinks it took like forever to get the drinks and I had asked for a side of dressing for salad and I picked away at half the salad before the dressinf arrived! She seemed to be trying. Lisa had a really cute butt, as my BF was commenting….Ok, I agreed too! The food was standard chain bar food ala, TGI Friday’s, Benegains etc… maybe the place will get better if they practice more. I’ll updat e later….

  2. i just ventured back from the F & F pub, and I must say their bartenders knew “exactly” how to make some of my most favourite British pints! they also were quite friendly to share new concoctions (like the black & tan pint!!!…my goodness that was brilliantly tasty!!) i’m not sure about “XD’s” comments, but I for one had a fantastic experience at the freehouse…you should try for yourself.

  3. Well, Let’s see I would love to try out this new place but, for the life of me I can not find an address. And although you did a good write up for them. You forgot one key piece of information for those who are either not from the area or are new to the area. THE ADDRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I guess I fell into the trap of assuming that the St. Charles Hotel is such a local landmark, everyone would know where it is. The address is 310 South Carson St, at the corner of Carson and Third streets. Parking is available along Third Street, and overflow parking is in a parking lot at the back.

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