An Outsider's View of Nevada Day

Tim Woodward of the Idaho Statesman was in town a couple of weeks ago, and was quite surprised to wake up and find a parade going on outside his motel. He went back home and wrote a column about how other states need to celebrate their Admission days to drum up a little civic pride and stimulate the economy.

Quick, when is Idaho’s Statehood Day? Don’t know, do you?

They know when statehood day is in Nevada, though.

There, it’s a state holiday – and a statehood event unlike any other in the United States. This year’s drew an estimated 30,000 people, from as far away as Pennsylvania. That’s more than half of the population of Carson City, where Nevada Day is held.

There by coincidence for something else, my wife and I spent Nevada Day enjoying the state’s best party and wondering why so many other states, including Idaho, are missing out

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  1. good job Scott, Carson certainly looks better when seen through the friendly eyes of a non-resident, especially one who stumbled upon our awsome Nevada Day Experience. We really do put on some great stuff here !
    O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.
    (O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.)
    Robert Burns, Poem “To a Louse” – verse 8
    Rock ON !

  2. This is a good column.
    The article in Boise was well written and makes one feel proud to be Nevadan. Having read the commentary following, I can see why Boise doesn’t celebrate much of anything.

    Keep up the good work, Scott. I remember your site from several years ago- You had better photos of Kumiva Peak than I did. And you and your friend made much better time than I.

  3. Bob, Boise has a lot to celebrate. A clean and vibrant downtown. An amazing 26-mile walking/biking greenbelt that runs along the Boise River. Big beautiful parks near the city center. Art museum, history museums, Discovery Center, Botanical Garden,indoor ice rink, ski area, golf courses,fishing,etc.,etc. And there are plenty of celebrations and things to do, even when Boise State football season ends. Check it out sometime!

  4. Actually, I would like to. The photos of the Sawtooth mountains are pretty darn inspiring, too. My comment was focused towards the negativity that I picked up from the people that could only think about why Boise wouldn’t celebrate.
    I should also remember 2 things- Only Carson celebrates Nevada Day, and it appears that such articles attract the totally anti- or the totally pro- and little in between.

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