Tahoe Creamery Ice Cream Out of Business

This was kind of a surprise to hear. Tahoe Creamery, which made ice cream in a factory out by the Minden-Tahoe airport in Carson Valley, has gone out of business. It was just two years ago when they started selling their ice cream in stores; previously they had only wholesaled their product to restaurants. Things seemed to be going very well for them, and I saw their ice cream in just about every store in the area. I even saw it for sale at Apple Hill this weekend. But now, all of a sudden, they’ve locked the doors and quit the business. Even the folks at the Record Courier were surprised:

The news was especially shocking given the optimistic report from owner Greg Hoch in February. At the time, Hoch said business had quadrupled in the preceding year and that production had increased from 12,000 pints of ice cream to 26,000 pints a month. The product, company executives maintained, was reaching about 50 chain stores throughout Nevada and California.

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