Dayton Fires

Ruby McFarland in the Nevada Appeal brings us a short history of fire in downtown Dayton. And she ends with this admonition to be careful with fire around the historic building they have left:

It’s difficult to relate any kind of history about a vacant piece of property. It falls into the “so what?” category when outsiders come to view our history. Let’s do what we can to maintain the buildings and history of Dayton.

And downtown Carson City, while its history has been blissfully devoid of catastrophic fire, still has its share of “so what” vacant lots, locations where buildings were lost to the wrecking ball. Places like the Nugget’s west parking lot, that used to house the Arlington Hotel. The empty lot next to Jack In The Box on Stewart Street where the V&T shops used to stand. And the Children’s Services / Boys and Girls Club land on Fifth Street, which was home to the Nevada State Children’s Home. All of those are buildings that would be a huge draw for Carson City if they were still around, but now they’re gone. At least the plan to demolish the State Capitol in the 1950s never came to pass. Let’s make sure we don’t lose any more buildings.

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