Minden Post Office Moving

The USPS in Minden is looking to relocate. The Minden post office is this tiny little box of a place that has been relatively untouched since 1974. It’s in a prime location, though, right on Highway 395 across the street from the Carson Valley Inn. It’s very nearly in the center of town, easily accessible by road and by foot. But the problem is that it’s too small, and the lot it’s on is boxed in and too small to build a replacement.

So the post office has to move, and the USPS has started the process of looking for a new space. It needs to be big and roomy, with plenty of parking. They look first for an existing building that fits the criteria, and if they can’t find one they next look for an empty lot to build on. So I’m trying to think about downtown Minden, and what kind of empty buildings we have that would be a good match for the post office, and only one image keeps popping into my head.

Think they’ll go for it?


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