Carson City's Sesquicentennial

We are asking your contributors to help us out with some ideas for Carson City’s 150th Birthday Celebration in 2008.
See link and info at
“If one examines the deed transferring the property from “J.B. Mankin[s] to Curry, Proctor & Musser” on August 12, 1858”

We are planning to formally announce the formation of a steering committee in the April issue of the Chamber of Commerce Newsletter. We have asked to have the 2008 Nevada Day Parade themed to our 150th Anniversary. A number of State and City agencies have agreed to cooperate in bringing this idea to fruition. Businesses, non-profits and private interests are asked to come on board with suggestions for activities and promotions. I can be reached at ………..
Concepts for a logo are welcome as well, we helped put together Carson City’s Millennium Project in the year 2000 so we are not new to this type of activity. We also will be featuring a page on our site
Additionally the Carson City Rendezvous will be celebration its 25th (Silver) Anniversary in ’08 as well so there will be many ways to bundle this up with a big silver bow.
Looking forward to this experience with your assistance and input.

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