In the Cone Zone

Work has been going on on the downtown road project for over a month now. The first phase of the project involved digging up old water and sewer lines that ran under the street and replacing them with new ones. For this the medians had to be torn out and trenches dug along the whole length of the street. That work seems to be mostly finished, so now work has moved on to the next phase: building the new wider sidewalks that are going to stretch from William St to Fifth Street.

2016-04-17 008

2016-04-17 004

During the water line work, lanes were shifting all over the place, zig-zagging left and right to avoid the trenches. Now that this part has finished, the lanes seem to be strictly on the east side of the street so they can start working on the sidewalks on the west side.

2016-04-17 002

2016-04-17 007

Some businesses, like the Firkin and Fox, have signs up letting everyone know they are still open during construction.

2016-04-17 029

2016-04-17 030

Some sidewalks are still open for now, so businesses with their front doors on Carson Street can still be reached.

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2016-04-17 017

2016-04-17 026

2016-04-17 019

The medians have been completely removed, and many crosswalks are closed. Only the major intersections are still open.

2016-04-17 020

2016-04-17 024

2016-04-17 052

The entire west side of the street is blocked off, even where there is no work currently happening, to prepare for sidewalk work.

2016-04-17 056

The utility trenches have been filled in with dirt, but there’s no reason to pave over them for now.

2016-04-17 058

2016-04-17 062

2016-04-17 066

Currently sidewalk work has begun north of Washington Street, on the west side. The pavement has been torn up and utility lines are being laid for things like light poles.

2016-04-17 067

2016-04-17 070

2016-04-17 072

Here at Sophia Street, the first of the new landscaping walls is being created. These low walls can be seen in this concept artwork, and will separate the sidewalk from the landscaped areas and well as providing seating.


2016-04-17 081

2016-04-17 076

Work on the west side sidewalks is projected to continue until the end of June, then work will switch to the east side for July through September. All this work, plus repaving the road, is supposed to be done by Nevada Day.

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