New Traffic Signal on South Carson

There’s been ongoing road construction on South Carson Street in front of the casino Fandango, with lane closures and heavy equipment and lots of work crews. At first I thought they were just putting in new, longer turn lanes, but over the last few days a full understanding of what they are doing started to coalesce. And after today, there can be no doubt. They are installing a new traffic signal at the Casino Fandango.

This signal will serve the casino, hotel, and movie theater to the west, as well as Eagle Station Lane. With all the development at the casino over the last few years, I guess putting a signal at this intersection was inevitable. It will also make access in and out of the Eagle Station and Southgate shopping centers easier, although there it was less necessary because you could go to either Koontz or Clearview to reach a stoplight.

I’m sure this will only serve to increase congestion in the area, with three stoplights close together like this. But traffic on Eagle Station and at the casino isn’t as heavy as it is at Clearview or Koontz, so maybe this light will be green a lot more than the other two are.


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