Quake Swarm

Reno has been getting peppered with earthquakes over the last few weeks. They’ve been small ones, most in the 1-2 range where you can’t even feel them. So the story has only been about how many there have been, not how strong they were. But now they’re starting to get stronger.

Just today so far there have been about 26 earthquakes, according to the USGS website. And these have been felt. The two big ones were a 4.1 and a 4.2, which is well in the range of what can be felt. Those came just before 4:00 today. Many reports have been coming into the RGJ, all of them talking about shaking desks, falling dishes, and the other details you get with a story about earthquakes. And the undercurrent to all the reports is one of concern: are the earthquakes going to keep getting worse?

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