Ormsby House Renovation Photos – July, 2003

July was a slow month ‘round Ormsby House way. After the Winchester Club opened in June, exterior work stopped for a few weeks. There was a little bit of dirt moving going on around the front and the old parking lot, burying the newly-poured footers in sand and backfill.

Things were pretty uneventful right up until the middle of July. That’s when the crane appeared on the site, along with plenty of trucks and workmen. The ironworkers had showed up on the scene, and they made short work of assembling the frame for the new portecochere.

Within a day, the frame had been put together and they got to welding. The new portecochere is going to cover most of what used to be the south parking lot.

Rather than having little more than an awning, like they used to, the valet parking will now be housed underneath the portecochere. This looks like it’s going to be a huge improvement over the old entrance that used to be on the front of the building, along Carson St.

In the last few days of July, they got back to work on the sky bridge.

The ironworkers climbed up there and started building the frame that’s going to house the walkway.

As I said, July was a light month. Presumably they’re doing a lot of interior work on the hotel rooms and the casino. There are some signs of the work they’re doing already, so keep your eyes open for an August update!

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