Santa Train

Today we went with some friends down to the Santa Train at the Nevada State Railroad Museum. And guess what? There was a train, and Santa was on it. Wow! Truth in advertising!

So since time is short, and a thousand words and all that, here are some photos.

2006-12-10 108
#25 pulling around the bend. This is the last time they’re running a steam train until May 2007.

2006-12-10 140
Handing out candy canes.

2006-12-10 152
And shaking hands.

2006-12-10 115
Santa escaping out the caboose.

2006-12-10 164
Inside the museum, the #22 Inyo.

2006-12-10 250
The #27.

2006-12-10 246
And Whistlin’ Billy, the train for kids.

More pictures. And a movie.

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