Carson Mall and Charley's Subs

The renovation work at the Carson Mall is finally done, and looking awesome. The only bad part is that they couldn’t do the whole mall this way, because it is such a breakout leap ahead from the rest of the place that it seems like there are two malls now. The old mall we’ve all come to loathe, and this tiny little corner that’s brand new.

We went in Sunday to see Santa, and there were actually a lot of people in the mall. Which is a good sign, and I was glad to see it. Usually it’s so empty. But besides Santa there were plenty of craft booths set up in the middle of the mall, including Willow Bill selling some of his reindeer.

On our way out we decided to try Charley’s Subs, which is now also open for business. And maybe I’m jaded towards subs, what with Subway and Port of Subs and Quizno’s and Mr. Pickles and all the other places, but it was nothing special. It wasn’t bad by any means, but it didn’t make me leap out of my seat. It didn’t make me want to come back tomorrow for lunch just because it was so good. But the fries, though, were pretty awesome. And good fries can make any meal better.

So if this is a sign of new life coming to the Carson Mall, I’ll be happy to see it. The new architecture sure makes a difference, and it’s easy to forget the way it used to be. Hopefully they get to redo that rest of the mall soon, and get some more exciting stores in, before it goes the way of the Silver City Mall.

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