Weekend Notes

  • There’s another lightning-caused fire in the hills above Genoa. It seems like “fire above Genoa” is becoming an annual thing. Let’s hope they get this one put out as quickly as they did last year.
  • The Casino Fandango is three years old? That’s funny, because Jethro announced his big casino project three years ago, too. And the Ormsby House has been closed for six years, twice that amount of time.
    Oh, did I say “funny”? Sorry. I meant “sad”.

  • If anyone’s name is going to end up on the State Legislature Building here in Carson City, I think Lawrence Jacobsen has got to be the one to get it. This Carson Valley native spent 40 years in those halls; he even helped get the place built! I say they should do it.
  • The Valley Bar in Centerville has been in a state of suspended animation since it burned halfway to the ground in March. But the owners have assured us it hasn’t been abandoned. They want to rebuilt, they’re just waiting for the insurance company to come through for them.
  • An insurance company is also stonewalling rebuilding efforts in Silver City, where they lost their historic schoolhouse two years ago. Starting to notice a pattern?
  • The Taste of Gardnerville is happening tonight at 5:00. There’s still time to get there!
  • Myrna the Minx has some ideas for what to build after the Park Lane Mall is torn down.
  • A new blog aggregator for all of the blogs in the State of Nevada has sprung up at nevadablogs.net. It must be brand new, since it’s growing like a weed. Over half of the blogs in the directory were added in the last 24 hours. They’re finding a lot of local blogs that even I didn’t know about, like Forgotten Nevada from Carson City, and elevation 6789 from Virginia City. But the weird thing is, it all seems to be the work of a Californian. Odd.

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