Cactus Jack’s New Paint

Last year Howdy, the mascot of Cactus Jack’s casino, got a brand new suit. This reimagining of the landmark structure brought a little bit of new visual interest to downtown, which was badly needed. The rest of the Cactus Jack’s facade, however, remained an eyesore, all yellow paint and 1970s rockwork.

I don’t know if the rockwork is going anywhere, but the yellow paint sure is. Over the last few days they’ve been painting the top part of the facade a mellow brown, to match Howdy. It’s now not quite so glaring as you drive by it. It still seems like there’s more to go. I hope this is just Phase 2 of a big ongoing project to make Cactus Jack’s more attractive, to turn this turkey into an eagle. This is a step in the right direction, though, definitely. Glad to see it, and hope to see more.

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