Minden Roundabout Blog

Construction is still continuing on the new Minden roundabout. They’re got one lane in each direction torn down to the dirt. Hopefully they’ll keep up the work and actually have it finished by the August deadline, before high school starts and turns that intersection from a mess into utter chaos.

To minimize traffic problems, they’re doing most of the work at night. But because this is happening close to a residential area, working at night opens up a whole new problem: noise levels. The resident of Aspen Grove Circle, right next to the Douglas County Library, are having particular problems with being kept awake at night, and are trying to either have the work schedule changed, or at least have them do the loudest work in the early evening, then find quieter tasks for the time when everyone is in bed.

One woman, Tricia Schodowski, has started a blog to chronicle her efforts to get some sleep during the construction, the Minden Roundabout Blog. Sounds like they’ve broken a few promises to her to keep the noise down, and basically told her “tough luck” when she couldn’t sleep.

Good to know Granite Construction is on the job.

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