Nevada Landmarks

Historical Marker 72, in Carson City

If you’ll remember, some weeks ago I wrote about an idea I had for a project to get out and photograph every one of Nevada’s 266 Historical Markers. I even started a section on Carsonpedia gathering together the few of the markers that I’ve already photographed.

Well, this was an idea that was too good to be unique. Turns out someone else had the same idea, but more than just having the idea, he actually went out and did it. is his website, and on it you’ll find many of the historical markers in the state. There are still several counties he hasn’t hit yet, but you can tell from the depth of the site that he has spent some serious time criss-crossing the backroads of Nevada, hunting these markers down. I gotta tell you, I’m pretty damn jealous that he beat me to it.

Paul, who built the site and took all the pictures, also runs Sierra Life Photography. So he knows a thing or two about photographing the back country.

Hat tip to Forgotten Nevada on this one.

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