Doomed House Goes Down

Back in March I wrote about the “doomed houses”, the houses on Edmonds Street that are standing in the path of the new freeway and will have to be torn down before they can start Phase 2B of the construction. There are four houses all together along Edmonds, and I wondered when they would start tearing them down. Looks like I got my answer, since over the weekend there was an excavator parked in front of 4200 S. Edmonds (which has been boarded up for a long time anyway), and this morning the crews were gathering to begin work.

4200 S. Edmonds

They sure are dragging their feet on this freeway. The first section opened in February, but bids for Phase 2 haven’t even gone out yet. So it’s good to see some kind of progress being made, even if it’s just knocking down one house.

Update 6/27:
The house is gone. They’re cleaning up the debris this morning.

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