Fireworks Debacle

So by being laid up at home on painkillers, I managed to miss the disaster that was the Carson City 2007 fireworks. I remember reading the stories from last week about how this year’s fireworks were supposed to be the best ever, because of several generous donations. That was good, I thought, because my wife gave up on the Carson City fireworks several years ago because she says they’re always so short and disappointing. With the community getting behind the fireworks this year, and putting more money into them, I thought they might have been worth going to if I hadn’t had surgery just two days before.

But now I’m glad we didn’t go. Somebody dropped the ball somewhere, and the fireworks show came in even shorter than usual. While it was scheduled to last nearly twenty-five minutes, it actually clocked in at less than 11. Which left several people pissed, and none more so than the businesses who put extra money into the display and Janice Ayres, who as director of RSVP was the one who sweat and worked the most to get a longer show this year. Fingers are being pointed all over the place, of course. Ayers claims she got seriously ripped off and didn’t get all the shells she asked for. She isn’t going to pay another dime beyond the $6,000 down payment she’s already made. The fireworks contractor, on the other hand, says every shell that was promised was launched, and it was the fault of the guy pushing the button, who had some kind of caffeine freakout and launched the shells way too fast. The guy has since been fired.

So I’m sure there will be bickering about this behind the scenes for weeks, if not months, but the fact remains that anyone who was at Mills Park on Wednesday night got to see what felt like a very disappointing fireworks show, and if we had gone it would have only reinforced my wife’s belief that Carson’s fireworks suck.

Oh, for the days they used to launch fireworks off the Ormsby House.

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