Actual Work on the Ormsby House

Shock! Horror! Mystery! When I first saw this last week I couldn’t believe it. Afterwards I thought I might be hallucinating so I had to go out and take some photos to prove to the world, to prove to myself, that it was really real. But here it is, here’s the photographic evidence.

Last week a crew of workers was out actually working on the Ormsby House. These rare pictures show the aftermath, a completed course of FakeRock� surrounding the casino. This job was left half-finished last year when the workers packed up and went home one day. It would have literally taken them two more days to finish it, but instead they left it half done for months and months. Then last week they came back to finish the job, and guess how long it took? About two days.

But the funniest part, the part that puts the cherry on top of the entire farce that the Ormsby House has become, is this. This crew was here on special assignment to finish the rockwork around the casino. But guess what? They didn’t even finish it!!

Look on the left, in the shadow.

I swear, the Ormsby House these days is nothing more than the punchline to a years-long joke.


  1. I have lived in Carson for 7 years before moving to Reno, and i have watched the ormsby day after day, nothing happening, this is just too SAD

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