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Around Carson got listed on’s Reno/Tahoe section along with a bunch of other Northern Nevada Bloggers (many of which are linked to from this site too, in the right column). Myrna the Minx takes credit for getting us all linked on there, and the list does share a striking similarity to her blogroll. The page is called Blogs for Everyone in Reno and Lake Tahoe, and it brings up the same thing that I’ve discovered: over the last twelve months, there have been a lot of new Reno blogs popping up. Which, seriously, it’s about time, you know? I’ve been doing this for four years over at The Computer Vet, and for most of the time I’ve been so lonely. I know that geography is meaningless on the Internet, but it’s still good to find people who are writing about local stuff that you’ve seen and experienced yourself. But now there’s an actual community that seems to be popping up, and it’s great. Still not too many from Carson City (at least not that I’ve found…send me links!), but a good slice of Northern Nevada nonetheless.

Of course, the article says that Around Carson is mostly full of “press type releases”, which I choose to take as a critque on my writing style. Noted.


  1. I took some issue with her blog descriptions but I guess you cant complain about free publicity. I rant, and sometimes I rant, but I dont rant, rant, rant! And no mention of the “community” aspect of my blog, which for me, is the more important part. Oh well

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