Northgate Movies Goes Discount

Back in August, when the Galaxy Theaters opened at the Casino Fandango, I had this to say about Carson City’s existing theater, the Northgate Movies 10.

Or, what I think might happen is they could go the discount route, showing second-run movies for a couple of bucks. When you go to a theater like that you expect it to be crappy and run down; Northgate definitely fits the bill.

I was pretty sure about my prediction. It would either do that or close. But Lord, I didn’t expect it to happen so fast. I was driving by yesterday, and saw this on the marquee.

“Closed for renovation. Oct 8th – Oct 11th. Reopens Oct 12th. All tickets 1 dollar.”

That makes it two months after the opening of the Galaxy Theaters before they had to do the desperation move. Maybe they already had a contingency plan in place. Or maybe their customer numbers had dwindled down to single digits over the last two months, forcing their hand. Either way, this marks the first discount movie house in Carson City since the Cinema 50 closed in the late 1990s. I’m sure this will bump up their numbers, especially with the teenagers.

I’m also curious what kind of “renovations” only take four days. Scraping the gum off the screens?


  1. I’m curious why they left such huge spaces between the words. It makes it look like it’s two columns, the left to be read before the first. Would it be that hard to push them together? Apparently, yes.

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