New Rail Car for the V&T

The V&T Railroad has been acquiring more rolling stock over the last couple of years. Many old cars are rotting away around the country, and the V&T is bringing them in for a second, third, or even fourth life. They’re restored three so far, and two more new ones have come in this winter. The latest just arrived last Monday. Here is video from TrainArts, of the car being offloaded from the truck and set onto the rails.

These two newest cars are in rough shape and still need a lot of work done to them. But it will be a good winter project for the restoration crew up there, which has already worked wonders on the Gold Hill and Silver City cars, which were used on the Carson to Virginia runs this fall. These new cars will probably be used next summer, if they’re ready, and might even replace the old creaky cars they still use on the short trips to Gold Hill and back.

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