Around Carson is Now on Facebook


You can now get your dose of Around Carson on Facebook! After seeing how much attention everything on Facebook seems to get, especially now that just about everybody is a member, I decided a while ago that Around Carson should have a Facebook page. Plus not having a Facebook page these days is kind of a serious omission. So I created it this week, and it’s already coming up on 40 likes.

Hopefully with this addition I’ll be able to put out more updates more often. I started Around Carson with the intention of doing little small bites of news throughout the week, but it never quite felt right and I gravitated towards the longer pieces and photo galleries. Those are great, and I enjoy making them, but they take a lot of time and inspiration. So I haven’t ended up with a very frequent schedule. What I’m hoping is that being on Facebook will inspire me to put out those shorter bites, links to interesting stories, or photos of things that I see when I’m out and about. And of course I want it to be a community, with comments and tips from all you readers.

I’m excited about this, and I’ve already put up quite a few things this week, one of which is going to be the basis of one of those longer posts right here on the blog. So head over to Around Carson’s Facebook page and like us today!

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