SugarPlum Bakery Closed

I got a tip from a reader that the SugarPlum Bakery, which just opened last month in the old Long John Silver’s building, had closed. So I swung by to take a close look, and sure enough it’s locked tight and the kitchen has been emptied out. A little more research shows this posting on Yelp:

The SugarPlum Bakery, which opened last month on South Carson Street across from the Carson Mall, has closed. A sign that appeared on the front door on July 10 said the closure was due to an oven malfunction, and their phone has since been disconnected.

This is kind of sad, for a small business to close like this just a month after opening, and especially because I never had a chance to go there.


  1. Hi Scott,
    This brief opening after doing so much work is really strange…The Carson City Diner on Winnie and Carson did the same thing, open only about 2 months..The Sugar Plum people put a lot of work into this effort, and why would anyone open a restaurant and not give it 6 months? Both places a kso got free publicity from the Nevada Appeal.. The Indian Restaurant on North Carson (wherethere was a Godfather’s Pizza for 15 years) closed a month ago, and in it’s shopping center there are 6 open spots out of 7 locations,,,,

  2. I went to the Sugar Plum right after it opened for a breakfast sandwich. The breakfast sandwich at the Shell gas station up the street was just as good, so I didn’t go back. I loved the original Sugar Plum in Genoa, but when the original owners sold it to the people who attempted the Carson operation, the whole thing went down hill. They tried to cut too many corners, and the food just wasn’t as good, or worth a return visit. I was really bummed when the Indian place closed down, although it had changed ownership at least once, if not a couple of times, to various Indian families before the doors finally shut. So though I enjoyed going there, and went once a month, they obviously never made enough profit to stay open or be a viable resale. Carson City is just a funky place to make a business work, and with the economy in the dumps, now’s not a good time to try something new.

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