A PO'd Syncon Homes homeowner website gets bigger

Around Carson had a couple of posts about an upset Syncon homeowner site a few months back. I began to wonder if he’s still around, so I recently checked it out again.

He’s improved his organization and posted quite a bit more stuff about Syncon since the last time I was there. I do have to say that if he’s right, which his pictures seem to say, Syncon really messed up his house and has done nothing about it.

When he started his site, it was just about his house. It looks like he’s starting to add some pages about homeowner rights and he’s got some video links about other messed-up houses.

He’s also got a link to an online petition to get congress to investigate the home-building industry and a Bill of Rights for homeowners that he asks people to send to their representatives. If you agree with what he says, or what the petition says, you might want to sign the petition. It’s up to you.

You might also want to take a look just to see what this guy is about. He’s obviously upset and using his free speech rights to write about it, but I don’t blame him. If the same thing had happened to me, I’d probably be PO’d too.

Click on www.asynconhome.info for his website.

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