Firkin and Fox

Monday was opening day for the new Firkin and Fox pub/restaurant, located on the ground floor of the historic St. Charles Hotel. I haven’t had a chance to eat there yet, because my wife’s been working late this week. But the reviews are starting to come in among the blogosphere.

The first review comes from a blog I just discovered this week, Langdon Life. Now they may be biased, because they know the owners and they were invited to the pre-opening party, but they really enjoyed their visit.

It’s definitely one of the nicest places to eat in Carson City! So if you live here, go check out the newest-oldest place in town…….you won’t be disappointed!

The other review came from a comment on this very site you’re reading. And it was…less flattering.

Well, we just tried out the newest restaurant/bar in carson. It was their second day open to be fair, but a chain like this should have provided better training. The service was the biggest stumbling block for this place. Every time we ordered a round of drinks it took like forever to get the drinks and I had asked for a side of dressing for salad and I picked away at half the salad before the dressinf arrived! She seemed to be trying. Lisa had a really cute butt, as my BF was commenting….Ok, I agreed too! The food was standard chain bar food ala, TGI Friday’s, Benegains etc… maybe the place will get better if they practice more.

Looks like we need a third ruling here. Any volunteers?

Ask for Lisa.


  1. they need to teach their servers how to pour a pint of guinness or boddingtons or any ale served with nitrogen. they haven’t a clue what they’re doing and are dumping, scraping, scooping head off the pint trying to get it right and it’s a travesty. that’s a surprise too, considering it’s a chain who’s calling card is being a british style pub.

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