Rural Carson Valley

The Record Courier offers an ode to the west side of the Carson Valley, and to the rural way that still holds through much of the valley. It’s a look at the sites and activities that can be found along Muller Lane, but really you can see this kind of stuff all over the valley still. Grazing cows, red-tailed hawks, slowly-flowing streams, Canadian geese, and cattle drives. There are still many working ranches out here, a heritage going back the 1850s. The writer is concerned that one day all this will be paved over into housing developments. But one of the interesting parts of the Park Cattle development proposal that was rejected last year was that the areas on the west side of the valley would be kept as open space, in exchange for higher-density developments on the east side near town. It sounded like a kind of insurance against losing the charm of the west side.

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