I did something today that should have been done a long time ago. I moved the Western Nevada Historic Photo Collection to its own domain. So now, instead of it kind of being piggybacked onto aroundcarson.com as a subdomain, like it was before, you’ll be able to find it at wnhpc.com.

This really is something I should have done before I launched the site in January. A project this ambitious should have its own domain name. But I think part of it was that I was betting on coming up with a better name for the thing. “Western Nevada Historic Photo Collection” may be descriptively accurate, but it’s a workout for your tongue. I always thought it would make a good tagline for the site, but as time went on it became the title. So, that’s what I get for having a brain fart. I got lucky with Carsonpedia; I’m actually pretty proud of that name, which just wafted into my head one night while I was going to bed. I guess I couldn’t get lucky twice, so now we’re all stuck with the WNHPC.

The one upside of having such an impenetrable name, though, is that wnhpc.com was probably one of the few remaining five-letter domain names that hadn’t been taken yet. I mean, even qqzyx.com has been reserved, so I think I lucked out with those particular five letters.

Of course I’ve set up redirects, so any old URLs you may have lying around will still work.

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