Google Self-Driving Car in Carson City

We’ve known that our governor Brian Sandoval is a fan of Google’s self-driving cars. He’s gotten legislation passed to make them street-legal in Nevada. So Google’s people must be fans of Carson City as well. These photos sent in by a reader shows one of the robot cars parked in the Casino Fandango parking garage, spotted just a few minutes ago.

You can tell by the license plate that this is the same exact car pictured in this Google publicity photo.

I guess the advantage of taking a self-driving car with you when you go to get your drink on and hit a few royals is that you always have a designated driver! You know that tomorrow morning this will be in the car’s search history.


  1. Hello Scott,
    Great Scoop by a eagle eyed correspondent. We spotted the Google camera car
    two weeks ago in Carson City-hopefully Google will get some updated
    Carson City views online soon.
    As far as this car’s search history goes, that ending location was a real lol….

  2. Took me a few seconds to figure out the search history: “69 Moonlight Rd…Moundhouse area…hmmm…Oh!” 🙂 I didn’t know Nevada was the first state to legalize robocars – how cool is that!

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