New Feature: Tag List

There’s a new feature on Around Carson: a list of all the tags I’ve used for my blog entries. If you notice, most of the blog entries here have “tags”, which are like keywords, and if you click on the tag it takes you to a page where you can see all the entries with that tag. So you can look at everything I’ve written about Jethro’s, for example, or the V&T Railroad.

Until now there has been no way to see all the tags in one place, or to find out how many entries each tag had. Now there is one page where you can do all of that. Might not be of much use to you, but I know it will help me when I’m trying to tag future entries, to see which tags I’ve used in the past. Also, not all the entries on the site are tagged, and that’s something I’ve got to take the time to go backwards and fix. But that’s a lot of work. This page is a good start.

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