Carson Newspaper Smacks Douglas High…

Last Friday Douglas High School Played Las Vegas High at home and even though Douglas lost, it wasn’t by much. Douglas started the night with a 14 point lead, but ultimately lost the game to the number one high school football team in the state – 41 to 35 Las Vegas. The Record Courier reported the game with the headline “Football: Wildcats hang on in Wild Season-Opener.” The Nevada Appeal reported the same exact story with the headline “Douglas Loses a Shutout.” What the hell is that about, Carson City? Is the rivalry between Carson High and Douglas High really that important that the local newspaper has to take a shot below the belt? Plus, it was not a shutout – Douglas scored 35 points! A shutout happens when a team scores nothing, and that is clearly not the case here. That was rude and uncalled for Nevada Appeal – these kids train hard and play with everything they’ve got with a passion for the game and that is no different from any other kid at any other high school. Douglas went out there and kicked butt. Sure they made mistakes and hopefully they can learn from them and go forward, as every team does. In the end they did a damn good job playing the number one team in the state and they should have been kudoed instead of slapped in the face. It is sad when a newspaper editor (or whoever wrote the headline) has to go on the attack and take a cheap shot at a high school football team. I would hope that the Douglas newspaper would never stoop so low and show more class to report the news – correctly and fairly.

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