Halloween Decorations 2015

Another Autumn is here, and that means the west side of Carson City is crawling with Halloween decorations again. The Governor’s Mansion sets the tone for the whole neighborhood, and many houses put on elaborate displays.

Although I’ve been noticing a trend. I’ve been looking at and photographing these decorations every year for a decade, and I notice that the number of decorations keeps dropping. People move out, people stop doing it, several houses that have had elaborate displays in the past are now vacant or under renovation, or there are new residents that just aren’t as into the holiday spirit. For a variety of reasons, the awesomeness of Halloween on the west side is dwindling.

It’s sad to see it disappearing and I hope it’s a trend that reverses itself. But there are still quite a few houses decked out for the holiday. Enjoy this photo gallery, and if you can make it down for trick or treating tonight, these displays look so much better at night.

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