Donations Not Needed?

So is it true that no more donations are needed for the victims of the Angora Fire? That so many donations have already come pouring in that they literally have everything they need, and that they’re now turning people away? Read through the comment thread on this post for the story of someone who detoured from a planned Las Vegas trip and instead went up to Lake Tahoe with a trunk full of donations, only to be refused everywhere they brought them. The final chapter:

After spending several days gathering donations and spending about $400.00 of my own money and driving the 5 hours one way to Tahoe, no one would take our donations. We were told the area had already received more than what was needed and we were turned away from everywhere we called or stopped at. So we dropped off the 100 lbs of dog food we had at the SPCA and left town after a couple of days. The donations were given to a Hospice in Placerville that we found on the way down the hill.

This seems pretty ludicrous that nobody at Tahoe would need any more donations, doesn’t it?


  1. Uhm…we’re talking Lake Tahoe…one of the most affluent places to live in the nation…it was pretty easy to bring them up to speed with donations (which were mostly for the service industry workers). Maybe try a more depressed area, there are plenty out there.

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