Perfectly Timed Vacation

Around Carson got more press this weekend, with an article in the Carson Times about the site and my role in building it. This probably led to a bump in traffic, but of course it also coincided perfectly with me leaving town for the weekend. So the site lay dormant for a few days there just as new people were coming in to check it out.

So for all you new people coming in, the site is usually a little more lively than this. Not much, but at least I don’t go four days between posts. Often.

Of course, you don’t need me around to keep the site running. All of you are welcome to jump in and add something to the front page. Stories, opinions, news, even what you did over the Labor Day weekend. Me, I went to Sacramento to visit family and ended up in a hotel where the only internet access was in the lobby. So that’s why I vanished from the site for a while there. Now what did you all do?

Just look to the left for the button that says “Publish An Article”. It’s there on every page. You don’t need to sign up, you don’t have to give your e-mail address, you don’t even have to use your real name. You just have to have something that you want to share, and a couple of minutes out of your day to send it in. What we’re building here is a home for Carson City on the web. And not one that’s run by the government, or by the newspaper, but by us.

So welcome to all the new readers out there, and remember, here you’re not just readers. You’re all writers too.


  1. Scott,
    That was a great article and it was nice to see the man behind the Blog. Thanks for putting this site up for us Carsonites. It’s nice to have a home as nice as this!

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