Ormsby House Promo Materials

While I was sifting through the slides at work I cames across a bunch of promo materials that Carson City Tourism put out in the early 1980s to get people to come to the area. These shots promoting the Ormsby House were just too good. I had to share.

1980s Ormsby House Front
The old front entrance, with the original portecochere. The tower itself looks like the Projects. Barely ten years old, and already it was in rough shape.

Ormsby House Grand Staircase
Pat and Vanna on the Grand Staircase.

Ormsby House Gamblers
There’s something very uncomfortable and wrong about this picture.

Ormsby House Hotel Room
“Want to order room service?”
“And then we can read Omni magazine!”

Ormsby House Hotel Room
That carpet was buried in the New Mexico desert under eight feet of concrete.

Ormsby House Hotel Room
He’s only interested in the articles.

I sincerely hope that when the Ormsby House reopens, the rooms will be more tastefully appointed than this. Because there’s a place for a chicken-basket-flower-pot, but not in a hotel with any number of stars.

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